Trip to Saipan, Day 1

I had been frustrated by the approaching summer break before the graduation, because I don’t know what to do in the long long summer. So I was happy that my friend Gareth called me to ask if I am interested in going for a trip to Saipan.

Gareth trying to eat a shit load of seafood

It’s an unspoken rule that we leave from Hong Kong since I live in Guangzhou and my lovely Gareth lives in Shenzhen. Our flight, UO42, is a direct flight from HKG to SPN. It’s a 5-hour flight operated by HK Express with a A320neo.

It was nearly 4:00 in the morning when we finally got cleared by the Border Control. We decided to sleep for a couple of hours before releasing for a four-day trip.

Saipan International Airport (SPN) Terminal

Gave Gareth the chance to pick, he chose the bigger one

Sun Rise at 5:00

When we wake up, the weather was superb. We quickly changed and went to the beach.

Hotel’s Chapel

Thrilled “Seaman” dancing to the beach

The beach

Since I left without any sunscreen, I was gifted a beautiful tan line.

Tan line

After getting some sun burn, we had our late lunch at Hard Rock Cafe near the DFS downtown.


We then decided to wander around the downtown. (actually went straight to the American Memorial Park)

Gareth outside the DFS

Gate of the American Memorial Park

Trying to get some gold out of his phone

Both of us are exhausted to death due to the 3-hour sleep, I fell asleep on the bus towards the hotel.

No caption needed

After quick shower, both of us sank into our lovely bed, with Gareth starved and bought some chips in the midnight, well, that’s another story.


Mark the birth of this site


If you can find this website, that means you have visited my social media account, and you are curious enough to click on that blue link. It’s possible that this website would not appear on Google or any other search engines because there’s simply no visitors.

A brief history lesson: this site is created on July, 31, 2017, a day prior to my mom’s birthday; a day after the F1 Hungarian grand prix, in which the Scuderia Ferrari secured P1 and P2;

Kimi Raikkonen & Sebastian Vettel during Driver’s Tour

and a day FC Barcelona won the International Champion Cup…

FCB After winning over Real Madrid

Well, I’ll be keeping this website active as much as I could, and I hope that one day I will switch this website from its current http protocol to httpS, which unfortunately I didn’t have time to complete in the first place. (get to play Civilization V with my cousin)


Hugo Hao Li